#CantonForward builds on the valuable efforts of previous plans, including the River Mill District Study and the Horizon 2030 plan.  Each chapter of the #CantonForward final plan is shown below and is based on the detailed input and work of Canton’s citizens.

  • Chapter 1: What’s in Canton?
    This chapter examines some of the factors and assets that will be key drivers in Canton’s future.
  • Chapter 2: What We Heard
    Significant community input is helping shape this plan.  This chapter summarizes the results of the community survey and public outreach.
  • Chapter 3: Canton Forward
    This is the meat of #CantonForward—the plans for future improvements and revitalization!
  • Chapter 4: From Vision to Reality
    How will everything outlined in the plan be accomplished?  This chapter shows potential funding sources, who is responsible for each part of the plan, and a general timeline for implementation.

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